Hi, my name is  Rob, and I am RSA Photography.  I never intended to start a photography business, my dogs decided for me.  I say dogs, but it was originally our veteran Rottweiler Saffron, who ignited the spark so to speak.  As she was in her twilight years we decided to try and capture some memories which weren't your standard snap shots.  Saffron's passing left us with Albie, and not being content to only have one dog, Susie arrived, then George, and then Michael (Yes, the last two can be a bit confusing calling them back on a walk!) over the next 2 years.  With such scope for random events, I decided that it would be worth taking better shots, and so began what has become my business.  

My initial camera purchase was to actually shoot motorbikes, which I still do on occasion, but my main direction is dogs.  I am by no means restricted to canines, having a few cats around, really makes me work hard to get the right shot, they are very individual and you do need a bit more patience.  

Over the last couple of years I have made a few friends in the canine rescue circuit.  This has allowed me to not only get to meet some absolutely beautiful dogs, but also has been a big learning curve for me as I get a better understanding of how each breed interacts and behaves, with their own breed, and with others.

I live in Camberley and am very lucky that we have so many areas in which to let dogs run off lead.  This suits me perfectly, as I prefer to be outside using natural light as much as possible.  It not only helps me, but also keeps the dogs nice and relaxed without the confines of a studio environment.  I do get some strange looks from other dog walkers, as they tend to come across me laying down on the ground, in heather, gorse (uncomfortable) or mud,  as ground level is where all the action is!

The quality of the work isn't just judged by the client.  In order to maintain and improve standards I have been a member of the Guild of Photographers and gained certification in 2015.  In 2020 I joined the Master Photographers Association and proceeded from unqualified to Certified and onto Licentiate Master Photographer in quick succession.  Now the training and certification for Associate Level has begun, an even more rigorous test!

I very much look forward to meeting you and your canine companions in the future.

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