Welcome to RSA Photography. We are Camberley and the surrounding areas Master Photographer specialising in outdoor dog photography.  

Throughout the last 7 years Rob, our photographer has aimed to provide the outdoor experience to capture your dogs doing what they do best, running around and enjoying life.  This is totally different to studio based portraiture, and we believe allows a dog to fully express themselves and enjoy the process at the same time.

Rob has been working in the background for nearly 7 years now ensuring that we can provide range of outdoor activities that will provide for a rich environment that will keep your dog entertained, whilst always being mindful of physical and mental welfare.  The whole experience has to be enjoyable for all those involved.  That does occasionally mean going out in the rain, but dogs live for the moment, and in alot of respects, so should we.

Over the last couple of years we have become very adept at encouraging those dogs that have disabilities to come out on a photo shoot where physically possible.  We believe that a disability should not be something that gets in the way, and are always able to construct a suitable plan to take into account their requirements.

Whilst getting out with a camera and taking images seems like a good job, like any other trade, there is always a learning curve, whether that be new equipment, software, first aid and a plethora of other aspects associated with running a business, we feel that continuing to learn within the industry is paramount.  Within the last year Rob joined the Master Photographers and has already completed Certified Professional, Licentiate and Associate levels of qualification, and he is now working towards the pinnacle with a Fellowship.  No mean feat to achieve all this within a year.

This year will also see Rob completing a dog first aid course, and also canine behavioural courses.  Each dog is different, and having a better understanding of dogs both physically and mentally we believe will help to provide the dog with a better experience throughout.

Rob's favourite breed is the Rottweiler.  Currently his 3rd is in the throes of enjoying his first year, and he has always been passionate about the breed.  If there is a chance to take a shot of a Rottie, he will be there without a second thought.  A very much misunderstood breed, Rob feels that he needs to promote the real character of this amazing breed and showcase what makes them absolutely amazing companions for all walks of life.

Thankyou and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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