How are your shoots organised?

You make an enquiry and let me know what package you would like and how many dogs are involved.

We make a decision on a suitable location. My preference is for areas where your dog(s) can run off lead, with minimal chance of being distracted by other dogs or wildlife where possible.  This is going to be totally dependant on location, and sometimes a bit of luck.

Once a date and time are organised, we meet up and do the photo shoot.  Due to the nature and inquisitiveness of dogs, I like to have a bit of a bonding session with them, so they feel comfortable with having a stranger amongst their pack, and then we head off and I then  obtain as many varied shots as possible, which will help bring out the dogs character.

Once the shoot is finished, then the editing work starts, whereupon I will then produce a gallery for you so that you may see the results of the day and can then chose which pictures you would like to order.

Do you shoot more than 3 dogs?

Please contact me for a bespoke price.  In order to get the best variation of shots with 4 dogs, it will involve more time out on the ground, and also more post shoot editing.

What about dogs with disabilities?

We cater for dogs with disabilities.  Obviously it depends on what the actual disability is but we can always find a solution that will allow your dog to go and enjoy sometime outside and experience the outdoors and showcase the ability to enjoy themselves.  We carry out a full risk and terrain assessment with the owners to completely understand the requirements of each dog.  

What do I need to wear?

Check the weather and dress accordingly, or at least pack a small daysack with some warm/wet kit.  We will end up getting wet, covered in mud, dribbled on, scratched  and  just generally looking a right state by the end of the shoot as I spend a lot of the time laying on the ground to get that dogs eye view of the world.

How many pictures will I get?

This will be dependent on the package ordered, but no 2 shoots are the same so the final total quantity of images does vary.

When is the best time of the day to do the shoot?

Photographing dogs can be done during all daylight hours.  To that end though, if it is winter, they can cool themselves down a lot easier at mid day than they could in the summer months.  If there is ample water available (streams/ponds/puddles/shade) etc for them to cool off then we can work through, but the dog(s) health and well being comes first at all times.

What happens if the weather is not good  enough?

If the weather is really bad, then it makes no sense to be standing around in the rain, if the dog is not happy and we are getting soaked through.  Goretex only works to a certain level.  Unfortunately as good as modern camera systems are, it really isn't feasible to cover my gear in armoured underwater camera covers, so we would rearrange for a suitable day with better weather.

How do I pay?

All shoots are payable in full at the time of booking. Payment via PayPal or bank transfer.

What if I have to cancel?

Any cancellations that are made are non refundable.  If you do need to cancel, then please contact me as soon as possible as we can probably reschedule to a later more convenient date. 

Are you insured?

Yes, we have full public liability and indemnity insurance.

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